• Provide the strong bone purchase force by Mesh Design.
  • PANTHER has elasticity by the Double Ring structure and it almost same as the Cancellous bone has it.
  • 2 types for preference: Full Mash type and Graft Hole type.




There are 4 types of PANTHER, and each type has 'Graft hole' and 'Full mesh'

- Reduction of dislocation due to rough surface of Cage and top and bottom teeth
- Minimized subsidence due to elasticity of RING FRAME MESH structure
- Increased fusion effect as it is very similar to the Cancellous bone structure
- One hole inside Cage makes it easy to insert bone grafts into empty space of the cage

PANTHER는 총 4종류이며, type은 'graft hole'과 'full mesh' 2가지 입니다.

- Cage의 거친 표면과 상하부 Teeth로 인한 이탈현상 감소
- [RING FRAME MESH] 구조의 탄성력으로 인해 침강현상 최소화
- Cancellous bone 구조와 매우 흡사하여 골유합율 증대
- Cage 내부에 원홀구조로 뚫여있어 pore 구석구석까지 골이식재 삽입이 용이​ 



Please inquire about the exact size

    (Type별 size가 상의하므로, 정확한 size는 문의주시기 바랍니다)